Saturday, September 4, 2010

Creating Frustration

So yesterday, I was working on my latest project, a wavey afghan, when I realized that I had under-calculated how much yarn was going to be needed to finish. I was using yarn from my stash, yarn that I had purchased at my fave store, Saver's, a few years ago for a couple of bucks. Since the yarn was old, I figured I wouldn't be able to find anymore. I was surprised when I found it was available at JOANN'S and was on sale. It appeared that the colors were not available but there were others that were close. Off we went today on errands, and stopped at JOANN'S. No yarn...only available online. :( No other brands even close to what I needed. Needed to go to plan B. Gen'o advised me to let it set for a few days, maybe a solution would present itself. I was all ready to frog the whole thing. So, I'm letting it sit....I have found a new pattern, very similar, and will prolly frog and make the original yarn more of a contrast color in the new pattern.

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