Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Couch Cover / Loveseat Cover

I made these two several years ago for my Mother-In-Law. They are knitted corner to corner in garter stitch. The couch cover is about nine feet x 6 feet. ( The loveseat is identical, only smaller.) About a year after I finished the couch cover, my Mother-in-law asked for one for her loveseat. Since she moved back to the Philippines in the spring, she gave them back to me. They are currently sitting in the storage unit, since they don't match my decor. I am thinking of frogging them, as they each have repaired spots on them, and I'm not allowed to buy any new yarn until I use up my stash.

They are made from Red Heart yarn. I think I used a 9mm circular needle.
(the close-up makes the lightest red look orange.)

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