Friday, September 2, 2011

Update of my summer

Well, I've not been too creative over the summer.   I have made several doilies, but have not blocked them.  I frogged the Patricia Kristofferson pieces I did.  I decided that I don't like her work.  To me, and this is my opinion, she creates these convoluted patterns for convulation's sake.   I'm sticking to mostly pineapple doilies and found a few Japanese pieces on-line that are great.  Also, I found some knitted doilies that I'd like to work up.  They uses 00 and 000 needles, and you need both dp and circular, so I have to stock-up.

I am just about to wrap-up a knitted motif afghan, called FALLING LEAVES. The pattern has popped up for several years and I decided its the appropriate design for some Peaches n' Creme cotton yarn that I purchased years ago on clearance at Michael's.  It hit me that the solids and variegated are all fall colors, 'cept the natural color skeins.  I'm dyeing the natural color into golds, browns and scarlets.  Now its just a matter of joining the over 300 motifs together in a random, yet pleasing-to-my-eyes, pattern.  Look for a photo here when its finished.  ( Another pledge that I won't make another motif piece, but of course I will)

I'm waiting for the Las Vegas weather to stop being in the 100 degree bracket to work on my denim quilt.  And of course, I've got a few patterns in my head that I'm gonna crochet or knit.