Thursday, March 17, 2011

Is it Spring Fever ?

Well, the past few weeks have been a period of no productivity - craft-wise -for me.  I finished a few doilies a few weeks ago, and finally got around to buying some rust-proof pins to block them, but haven't felt like working on getting them blocked.  So, they are sitting on a pile of aghans waiting for me.  I found a few great sites for some vintage thread patterns, and some really inspired me ... to save them.  I even found some great deals on-line for crochet cotton that accept PayPal (this way I don't have to spend any money, just use the money I've made from Ebay auctions).   So, everyday, I look on-line at patterns and forums, or through my library of saved patterns, but nothing is compelling me to pick up a hook and get to work.  We'll see how long this attitude continues. When I do get around to creating something, of course I'll post it here. 

  I've been spending some time indexing (data entry'ing) for a few genealogy sites (another of my hobbies is researching my family tree). Census records, birth records, Parish record, tax records.  I really like doing this. 

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