Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Cancelled Crafster.com account

I just sent an email to the Moderator's of Craftster.com.  I cancelled my account.

Yesterday I submitted a very limited post on the sub-category for crochet works.  To paraphrase, it said "look at my blog to see my latest work.Tell me what you think."  I chose to post this way due to the multi-step process that a user has to follow to post a photo on this forum.  Well, with in a few minutes, I got an email from a moderator saying that my post was being put on HOLD, saying that I 'appeared' that I was trying to increase the traffic to my blog. My post would remain on HOLD until I addressed this issue.  So, today, I re-posted in the same sub-category, using two photos (the same as posted here) and a very cursory paragraph relating to my Catherine Wheel Variation and a link to my blog (which was the same link that is part of my signature that is at the bottom of every post I submit to Craftster).   Again, with in a few minutes I rec'd another message from a moderator telling me that I should only post a link that directly links to the referenced work. 

After looking at the post, I noticed that a moderator had edited my post, editing the link so that it would go directly to my Catherine Wheel variation afghan.

I then noticed that the latest (at the time) comment  had four links in the user's signature.  The four links were to the user's patterns site, the user's Etsy account, the user's Revelry account, and a link to the user's web page.  Two of these link are sites that the user SELL their work

I felt that this was hypocritical of the forum to allow these types of links and yet be so concerned that my link, to my blog, was seen as an attempt to get traffic to my blog.  I feel that there are too many alternatives on the internet to have to deal with this.  So, most of my comments will be on Crochetville.com and here on my blog.


  1. Hey Buck. It's funny, I just joined Craftster today and was admiring one of your afghans when I noticed it said "account awaiting approval for deletion", so I clicked on the blog link and here you are. :) I understand your frustration with Craftster. I couldn't post a pic until I had proven I wasn't a spambot by posting 10x in the forums first. It seems they have an issue with micromanaging their site....anyway, wanted to let you know I LOVE your prairie star afghan, and would like to know where you found the pattern? I also really liked your BF sweater, V-neck. You do good work.

  2. Hey Kathy, thanks for the kind words. Here is a link for the Prairie Star Afghan http://www.purplekittyyarns.com/crochet-afghanseg.html And if you go to YouTube BethInTx has a great series of videos that help with assembly. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UWjt33r_gBA

  3. Thank you! With all the snow here, it will be a good project to work on to stay busy (snowed in) and warm (it's freezing!!). Thanks much!

  4. i hate that forum, they did me that away one time, i asked if someone can please share a pattern, well 2 others asked also , and I get an e-mail stating I cant do that :(