Friday, December 3, 2010

G's Star

This is my G's Xmas present.  He's seen it, he picked the pattern, he picked the colors.  This pattern was interesting to work with; some parts were written very strange-ly.  I had to rewrited a few parts.  The other strange part of this was the gauge.  I purchased the worsted weight as called for in the pattern and used the hook that was called for in the pattern...but, it turned out 15" smaller than the pattern said it would be...and it used less than half the amount of yarn called for.  Good thing I saved the receipt for the yarn !

I used Caron's Simply soft yarn.  First time I've used this yarn.  It was slippery and tended to split;  the shiny aspect of the  yarn was one reason I had avoided this yarn in the past, but I wanted something soft for the finished piece.


  1. Blue Star Burst, I love this. Where can i find the pattern?

  2. It's a slightly modified Annie's Attic Six-Point Star Afghan.