Monday, October 15, 2012

Boring !

I have always had a short attention span -- my whole life.  In my craft world this will manifest itself in getting bored with repetition - doing the same stitch over and over again.  This is the reason that I avoid a crocheted or knitted project that has motifs.  Making the same square again and again puts me to sleep quickly.  That being said, I have made a few things with motifs, and in the middle of each one I make a promise to myself: Never again!  Until the next time, that is :)

I'm currently in the middle of two projects.  One is a crocheted version of a Double Wedding Ring quilt.  Teal, light purple and white, cotton-blend sport weight yarn. Interlocking circles, and connecting inserts....again and again.

The other is a crochet tablecloth, off-white crochet cotton.
Rounds and rounds of increasing lengths, repeating two different 8 or 9 rows of patten.

Well, actually, they are sitting on the shelf right sister has a birthday in a few weeks and I wanted to finish a gift for her.  I made a shawl for her using an eyelash weight yarn I've had for years.  I tried a few different techniques using this yarn and nothing worked.  The method that finally worked for me was hairpin lace.

 I had never made anything using hairpin lace, but it was simple and worked up quickly.  I don't like the finished result. Hahaha.  It just didn't have anything special about it, just a rectangle. In the middle of working on it, I emailed a photo to the sister.  She said she liked it, so I finished it.  When she gets it, I hope she likes, 'cause I sure don't!

PS.  Yes, the hairpin lace loom is homemade from a pair of yellow flip flops and knitting needles.  The second flip flop was used to make a Kumihimo loom (one round, one square).  That is my next area to explore -  braiding, weaving, and finger-loops, and in there somewhere jewelry making is breaking in, too. 

Until the next post.....

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  1. I'm love this shaw...I'm the sister. My cat loves it too, and she opens my dresser drawer to pull out a cashmere sweater also...just good taste!